Noble Popcorn

When I saw the picture of the bag of raw popcorn, I thought I have had this many times and never knew it was made right here in Iowa.  (And I try hard to be a label reader!)

Noble Popcorn Farms is located in Sac City ~ another fun fact is that Sac County is one of the finest popcorn growing areas in the world!

It is also where the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball was made…on February 28, 2009, 253 volunteers took 900 lbs. popcorn, 2700 lbs. sugar and 1400 lbs. of dry syrup (mixed with water) and mixed them together over 12 hours & 40 minutes and created a popcorn ball that was 8+ feet tall and weighed in at 5000 lbs.  That is one big popcorn ball!

Fundraising is a large part of Noble’s business as schools and youth groups are trying to fund their activities. (They can customize just for you.) I’m sure many of you have had some since they have supplied their popcorn to various Boy Scout Troops for 20+ years.  As Noble Popcorn grew over the years they began looking for a way to introduce their product to new markets, Cedar Creek Popcorn was born in 1995. You can find it in grocery/convenience stores, in gift and specialty shops or you can always order online.  

Contact Info:
401 North 13th Street
PO Box 157
Sac City, Iowa 50583

By phone:
712-662-4797 Fax

By web:

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2 Responses to Noble Popcorn

  1. Clark Robinson says:

    I received a Noble “No-Shake” corn popper from Jack Bradley over 20 years ago. I have been using it and our friends think this is the best popcorn ever. My problem is the the handle on the top has broken and won’t stop turning when trying to pop corn. Where can I purchase another Noble “No-Shake” corn popper? I’ve looked everywhere.

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