Lila’s Frame Studio

     ~Making your memories a treasure…~

Lila does quality custom picture framing ~ anything that you want to keep as a precious memory.  Capture some of life’s special moments…a collage of a ‘big’ birthday, a family outing, or goofy times together.  Simply a day you want to remember forever…She does beautiful work!  What a way to preserve all the little things ‘with the story that they tell your heart’ so generations from now others can enjoy them too.

 Memory and shadow boxes are her specialties!  There are things that she frames that I never really thought about framing.  She can give you one-to-one personal service that you won’t find in the big box stores and she has so many ideas…so stop in her studio and check out her work!



Lila’s Frame Studio is also an outlet for many other ‘Local Artisans’ ~ Thank you Lila for giving that opportunity to visitors to your studio!  Many of you would be amazed at the talents that they possess.  Be sure to stop by, you won’t be sorry that you did :)

Contact info:
Studio is located at:
103 South Franklin
Manchester, Iowa  52057

By phone:

By web:
You can also find her on Facebook

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