Leanne’s Handiwork

I knew her when ~ she was my neighbor!

As in an old saying, “If you are looking to get something done, ask a Busy person!” Leanne Bush at Leanne’s Handiwork is one Busy lady!  She has many interests and is always willing to try something new. Very soon she will be launching a Seamstress/Dressmaking business that will include Bridal Attire with some of her own designs.  You may be seeing her designs on the runway!

Leanne is an author and has 3 published books, all of her books are available through her website.  If you have ever had an idea for a book she also has an interest in ghostwriting.


Leanne’s Handiwork also includes Crafting…and Quilt making is one of those crafts.

 From the limited sewing I do…it’s quite an accomplishment to complete one.  Take a look at the others she has made!  What a beautiful keepsake.  Make sure to stop by her website to check out all of Leanne’s other crafts.

Leanne is also the contact person for her local Quilts of Valor chapter…these are quilts given to veterans who have been touched by war.  If you are interested in a patriotic quilt or donating to Quilts of Valor, contact Leanne. 

Contact Info:
Box 2
Manchester Iowa  52057-0002

By web:

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