Gingerly Baked Goods

~ Real food, loving made to order

Sweet young lady meets sweet treats…the sweet young lady, Heather Giellis and the sweet treats are Gingerly Baked Goods.  They both can be found at Cafe Rose’ Madison Street Deli.  The quaint little shop is open on Monday & Tuesday, but Heather bakes Monday thru Saturday.  If you are in the area be sure to stop in.

Heather has been baking for quite sometime ~ in fact long enough to perfect her own Cheesecake recipe.  (She uses family favorites and tries to put her own twist on them.)  Baking pies is one of her specialties with Sour Cream Pear being one of her favorites.  I visited recently and had a fresh Blueberry Scone…it was yummy, yummy, yummy!











If you are short on time, energy or maybe like me lack the skills for baking, be sure to give Gingerly Baked Goods a try.  Heather makes many things, take a look at her Facebook page and if you don’t see it ask…she probably will give it a try.

Contact Info:
119 North Washington Street
Edgewood, Iowa 52041

By phone:

By web:
Check out Gingerly Baked Goods on Facebook

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