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You never know what might be right around the corner waiting for you…what started out as a trip to the photographer with her son, turned out to be ‘Brookota Designs’.  Brooke taught herself to make the hats she saw at the photographer (with the help of You Tube), posted pictures of her creations on Facebook, friends loved them and now the rest is history.

These little hats add so much to ‘newborn’ photos, they really emphasize their beautiful little faces.

I remember how hard it was to get my 2 to wear hats when the were little, they would have worn these…they are just too cute.  Brookota Designs will make just the hat for you, find the one you like (check out all the different styles she makes and Like her on Facebook) let Brooke know the colors you want, and you will have your own unique design.  What a great gift…not only for newborns but kids all the way into their 80′s… 

Contact Info:
24779 Hazel Road
Elkport, Iowa 52044

By phone:

By web:
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