Betty Kruse

Meet Betty ~

Besides being a sweet lady she is the owner, operator, chief cook and hostess at Betty’s Bread Basket.  It wasn’t what this “spunky” farm wife envisioned.  Back in 1985 she was living life as part of a farm family, which included a lot of home cooking and baking.  There the story begins…

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls she made for a friend, that friend shared with another, she raved to her friends and the orders started coming.  From there the dream of a tea room began and soon followed the opening of Betty’s Bread Basket.  That quaint tea room has been successful because she ‘loves’ ~ what she does and it shows!

Her love of cooking has led to her next dream ~ a beautiful cookbook, Tea Room Recipes.  Filled with her memories of wonderful times with family and friends across the dinner table, with tips that have helped her in the kitchen along the way and some tea room favorites too.

“Betty’s hope is that these recipes will continue to bless many family tables for years to come as they have blessed her family for generations.”   Get one for you and one for a friend…You can purchase them in person at Betty’s Bread Basket (the tea room) or you can order by phone.

Contact Info:
113 East Main Street
Manchester, Iowa 52057

By phone:

By web:
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